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Upon arrival to the farm you will be greeted by a team member who will provide you with picking containers for a small fee (or you can bring your own), and direct you to your own rows for the best picking.  We do ask that you stay in your assigned rows to ensure plentiful picking for you and the next customers that come along.


After you've  picked to your hearts desire, stop by the front to have your fruit weighed and shop around the Market for other fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods.  Accepted forms of payment include cash or check ONLY - no Credit/Debit Cards.


Updated pick schedules can be found on Facebook or by calling us.  If you need large quantities, please call ahead and we can have it waiting for you.

Pick Your Own Strawberries

Typically available in late May or early June, we have a large irrigated picking field with straw between the aisles to eliminate mud.  Call us for more information, or like us on Facebook - we regularly update Facebook with U-pick information.

Pick Your Own Raspberries

Typically available in late June or early July, plump black raspberries are easy to pick but remember that black raspberry bushes do have thorns!  Black Raspberries are great for making pie or fresh jelly.   Call for more information or follow us on Facebook - we regularly update Facebook with U-pick schedules.

Pick Your Own Grapes

Typically available mid-September through October - depending on the variety.  We have several different varities including Concord Niagra (white) and Fredonia.  Call for more information or follow us on Facebook - we regularly update facebook with our U-Pick schedules.

Pick Your Own Apples

Typically available July - November - we offer over 20 varieties of Apples to pick!  Or, don't feel like picking  - all of the fruits are also available freshly picked in our Market.  If you need a larger quantity - please give us a call and we will have them ready.  Follow us on Facebook  - we regularly update our U-pick schedules. 

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